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Few updates, bad pictures and random times are some of the reasons that keep you from increasing your followers

Managing a business profile on Instagram is not an easy task. Although the practice of navigating social networks is commonplace in people’s daily lives, when we leave for the professional field the activity gains other perspectives. To know how to have followers on Instagram we will need to develop several steps. This will end the anguish of following more people than getting followers back.

One of the most direct ways to answer the title question of this post is to find ways to pump your Instagram. That’s why we’ve divided the content into three key answers to make sure it happens: Strategy, Content, and Follow. Let’s show how each of these items plays a key role in success in pursuing followers.

How to have followers on Instagram: Strategy

Whatever the particular habits of your audience, there are a few basic assumptions that will help us come up with an ideal strategy. Watch the market, absorb all the available data, talk to the sales team and watch your competitors’ customers closely to create a persona, a fictional profile. Put a name, interests, age, hobby. Create a whole lifestyle that your ideal client has.

After this build, you will use the persona to search for your audience on Instagram. Everything is segmented and well defined. You need to know which profiles the persona follows and what types of content she likes, for example. Knowing who your communication is made of is time to tell inspiring stories that motivate and generate emotions.

Know that Instagram should not be just like a showcase in order to display your product or service. It should work as a support for dreams and ideals, carrying the concepts that exist in the construction of your brand. It’s time to think about content that will pave the way for you to know how to have followers on Instagram.

How to Have Followers in Instagram: Content

The content of your Instagram is the component with the highest potential to receive a “I follow back”. And this content is not restricted to the posts or stories you publish, it starts with your bio.


The tip to properly fill in the bio is to do this logged in by the computer. So it is possible to do something harmonic, respecting the limit of characters determined by the social network. Write in word to be able to align the text and even use breaks of lines that leave the information more conspicuous and organized. Then just use the famous “ctrl + c ctrl + v” back with it to the profile in a coherent and ready, your bio will look professional.

By making an eye-catching and organized bio it is possible to avoid problems since the followers see this information as the profile card of their profile. With a well written bio, we can now focus on the general aspects of content.

News & Events

To begin with, your content should be beautiful, unique, creative and in tune with the speech. In this aspect, the subtitles of the posts also count a lot. Write a good text and be careful with the slips of the English, as this can testify against your business.

The content of the post itself should take into account the premise that your company profile on Instagram should position itself as a specialist. From there you share your knowledge. No need to reach the public more invasively. The quality of your posts is what will enable your audience to find you.

By now you are learning some necessary assumptions to know how to have followers on Instagram. But within the content still need to talk about a very important aspect, the look of your posts, the appearance of your profile.

Adopting design thinking is the way for your image content to dialogue with the strategy and contribute to the search for new followers. This term refers to thinking the image as a potential to communicate concepts, to draw an identity. Evaluate how the competitors and especially the companies that are example of good content. It is allowed to be inspired by them to follow a trend that shows success in the market. But do not let the originality aside, you have to create your own path.

How to have followers on Instagram: Follow

The previous items deal briefly on subjects that we deepen in several other posts in the blog Marketing in Social Networks. Navigating through our portal it is possible to understand in detail the step by step how to have followers in Instagram. But now let’s talk about a simple action, which is the key to any profile with many followers.

The basic principle to get more followers on Instagram is to follow.

By following a new person you eventually show yourself to her. So there is no more direct way to appear to your audience and get them to become a follower. However, it is not easy to take the time to follow the right people. Out the care needed in after failing to follow not to have a discrepant number of followers and people who follows.

How to automate or follow?

To solve this dilemma, Poprey appeared, a tool capable of giving another step to the action of strategically following people and obtaining results with it.

With Poprey, you can automate various actions on Instagram. And that’s the big difference between who bets on this tool and the other users of the social network. It allows you to follow, let go of following posts with hashtags related to your business, send direct messages, and more. All in a completely automated way. This tool will make Instagram work for you. Thus, it is possible to have excellent results, asserting the maximum of the “SDV”.

Buy followers x automate Instagram

It is always good to point out that automating Instagram with a tool like Poprey has nothing to do with buying followers. When buying followers you are in contact with people who are not even in the same country as you. Imagine the relationship she will have with your company?

But with a tool like Poprey, you will be creating a relationship with your persona, that is, increase the number of followers in an organic way and keep the engagement of your posts!

Before diving head-on into the use of the tool you need to heal all the other items previously described in this post, thus avoiding errors in your strategy. To know more about the subject we are at your disposal, contact our blog and take a free test at Poprey, right now!