How does Poprey work?

The concept of the Boomerang, which gave rise to the name Poprey, is also part of the roots of Instagram, a social network created for the exchange. In her, from the beginning, the idea of “to follow back” prevailed. Thus, in complete opposition to the purchase of followers, Poprey and Instagram became inseparable. Poprey is not an official partner of Instagram. It was developed to meet the needs of users of the fastest growing social network in the world.

Poprey is able to boost its activity in Instagram, performing, in an automated way, interactions with other users. It allows premeditated choices involving the determination of reference profiles, hashtags and tanned to interact directly and exclusively with your audience.

The advantage is in the fact that, after parameterizing, you can rest while the Poprey “robot” acts on the Instagram practically 24 hours a day.

The growth of Instagram and the appearance of Poprey

Earn followers now! This is a catchy phrase for many people, especially for entrepreneurs and marketers. Many find themselves thinking about how best to increase their reach on Instagram and achieve real results for their business. Not only because the application is already installed on the cell phones of more than 16 million Brazilians, but above all by its growing influence power.

Like everything that goes back and forth, the logic of the follow me that I follow you back has made sense through the continuous interaction between people and brands. With this in mind, companies that seek strategies to relate to the consumer public in this environment have come forward.

The point is not just to win more followers anyway. You have to get the right audience. The one who really can be interested in the service or product released on the social network. With this, followers can become allies of the business, becoming potential customers and promoters.

How does Poprey work?

The platform acts as an automation tool, but you need to have a consolidated organic foundation to use it. On average this base revolves around 300 initial followers. From a well-defined public and persona strategy, you can segment the search only by profiles that really interest you.

The next step is to establish your referrals: location, gender, hashtags, interests and profiles common to your business. Based on this information you create parameters that will guide the action of the tool. So Poprey will follow the people who are within those settings and also interact with your posts on Instagram.

The interaction is carried out with total security, since Poprey follows the rules of use of Instagram. In addition, it is possible to pause and / or resume activities at any time. And this pause is even indicated if you want to promote many manual actions on your profile.

The Boomerang Effect

According to Jeffrey Keller, “you may realize it or not, but you’re hurling a boomerang today. In the game of life, you play boomerangs daily. These boomerangs take the form of the actions and behaviors you throw at the world, and they will come back to you later, often with their multiplied effects. ”

Poprey is the diminutive of Boomerang and translates the concept that: everything from sensational that people give to their customers they will receive back boosting the growth of their business.

Achieving expressive numbers of followers who at the same time have a high engagement rate is a common challenge for most account managers on Instagram. With Poprey, when doing a job to reach followers, the return happens exponentially and increasing, always bringing back expressive numbers.

Some important data

The creators of Poprey are promoting constant evolutions in the platform. After a recent survey of the customer base, it was possible to trace some important data to understand its operation and its scope:

On average, the tool performs between 750 and 900 interactions per day, with its target audience. Starting from these interactions the Poprey is able to promote, in average, the conquest of 1500 to 5000 real and segmented followers per month.

Its range increases exponentially. The more organic your base is and the more followers you conquer each day, the greater the result.

5 proofs that Poprey is important to your Instagram

In this post we talk a lot about the characteristics of Poprey, the motivation of its creation and how it works. All this shows why many people already consider Poprey and Instagram as complementary tools.

All brands and profiles are looking for new followers and this is what Poprey offers. Check out five features of Poprey that show your power to power Instagram:

  1. Tanned: it is possible to program automatic tastings by subject and hashtags.
  2. DM (Automatic Messages): With this feature you can send personalized welcome messages. One of the most used options is the welcome message for new followers. You can also submit your product or just starting a friendly conversation with your audience.
  3. Dashboard: All features are available in an online dashboard via any device. It includes:
  • account evolution;
  • to improve the search for the followers by means of the identification of the profiles that bring greater return;
  • reports.
  1. Filter of searches: selects who you will follow by sex, hashtag, location, reference profile.
  2. Schedule posts: it is one of the newest features on the Poprey platform and it works in a simple way. You upload the image or video and then choose the date and time your post should go on the air. As a result, the content will be automatically posted to your Instagram profile.

Poprey and Instagram are inseparable, the platform offers a free 5-day trial for you to see with your own eyes. Access and start to power your Instagram in an intelligent way. But, get ready, it can be a path with no return. Your Instagram will never be the same next to Poprey!